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My fellow coworkers and I are big fans of the website. We work in a burlesque dancing club and are constantly changing outfits, including hairpieces for each routine. Some of our routines require over the top hairpieces and other routines call for a more natural look. For the routines that require more extravagant hair pieces, my coworkers and I were having a hard time finding pieces that really fit our needs. We are required to put together an outfit for each routine and each of us have to matching in same way, either hair or clothes. So we found this site, and with the couple of orders that we have put in over the last year or so we have been so impressed with the quality of wigs that they have to offer.

We love browsing the site for new products and with their amazing selection of wigs there is always something new that we have to have! has made the wig buying process fun again for us and we would recommend their products to anyone. Not only does have a great selection of outrageous costume wigs, they also offer more natural looks that come in a ton of colors as well and both synthetic hair fibers and real human hair. I personally recommend to anyone who is looking for a wig, hairpiece, or extensions. Their prices are very affordable so you can change your look whenever you feel like it. One week you can have short hair and the next week it could be 6 inches longer with their great hair extension products.

The best part about is that they have many well known named wig lines including my personal favorite the HairDo line by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. I love this line because they offer so many fun products such as clip on bangs, real human hair extensions, and wavy hair pieces as well. All of the wigs that offers has a wide variety of colors for you to choose from which makes the matching process to your natural hair color very easy. Before I made my first order on their site, I was a little worried that I would order the wrong color or not like what I was purchasing. So, I called the customer service hot line number and I talked to one of their representatives. They let me know that if for any reason I was not happy with the color choice of the wig that

I was purchasing, they offer a one time color exchange. I thought this was a great deal so I immediately made my first purchase after talking to the rep. I am so glad that has such great customer service, because without getting that reassurance from the rep I probably would have never made that initial purchase in the first place. I would have missed out on all of the other great deals that I have gotten from since then.

Debbie - Dallas, Texas